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Apr 10 11

BuxNova review


*5.13.11 – BuxNova has been added to our scam List!

This is a full review, About BuxNova.This Review may be updated:
Pay per Click : 0.01$ ~ 0.02$
Minimum cash out: 0.50$
Payment Methods: PayPal


1.Payment - BuxNova, PAYS! The whole idea from PTC is earn ultimately.It would take only phew seconds until the cash out will be done, You may found on this link: some payment proofs.
2.Low minimum cashout- One of the biggest projecting advantages of BuxNova,  that you can cash out at 0.50$.That’s means for us, less fees pay to paypal.
3.Forum-This Bux site, supports forum.Due to the forum you will be able to communicate,learn hints,tips and even get helped.
4.Accepted all countries-That’s mean they haven’t any problem with payment, or other means.great for us(proofs that is doesn’t scamming website).
5.Active site- The admin, is very active that means for us , that we will get tips, layings, matches and more…


1.Bux Site-Even if NovaBux pays, bux site known as unstable website, because their high pay per click.You need to be cautious and be updated, until The website will stable at least for year.
2.New site- We recommend you , be aware that is a new ptc site.Be very responsible about your pushcares, it may be one they a scammed ptc site,But it can be in our HOLY LIST.


Pay per click: 0.01$ ~ 0.02$
Average ads for a day: 4
Earning per click of your referrals: 0.0001$

Minimum cashout: 0.5$ only via paypal

Script: Ptc

Launched: March 27, 2011

Click here to register!

Apr 10 11

Bux-Earnings review


5.2.11 – Bux-Earnings have been added to our scam list.

This Bux site pretty new,so it won’t in our HOLY LIST,Don’t forget this site doesn’t scam!
This is a full review about Bux-Earnings- It may be updateded so check phew time a month about new news:
Pay Per click – 0.01$.
Minimum cash out – 4.00$.
Payment methods – PayPal.


1.Forum - Bux-Earnings support a forum which means that you can communicate with other people,get tips and hints, and even get helped by other people.
2.Active Site- The admin very active, He offers worth deals, Accomplish laying, Update immediately about any bugs Etc…
3.Normal rates of bux site- Even that Bux-earnings offers high profit per click,There’s only 4 ads each day, which means that  this PTC site don’t going to cheat you.It may take you 100 Days without direct or rented referrals get to the minimum payout.
4.Payment- The site offers you post proof , which hint us this isn’t a scam bux site,even it doesn’t have proofment payouts.
5.Accepted all countries -Which means that they haven’t any problem with payment.


1.New site- This is a very new site,It may be very dangerous invest too much Cash,so be cautious. We recommend you, register to stable ptc site – A PTC site which stable over a year,and Has a lot of payment proofs and a big community.
2.Bux site- Even this site, may not be a Scam site , you should be aware that in one day everything can change,and this site will be a scam. Bux sites known as a scamming websites(Not everyone).


Average earning without referrals – 0.4$ +-
Average number of ads: 4 Ads
Earning per click of your referrals: 0.0055$
Minimum cash out: 4$ Via paypal
Script: Bux
Site Launched: 21/3/11

Click here to register

Apr 9 11

You-Cubez Review


Internet marketing with a cube

This website is from our HOLY list – Website which establish and continue establish at least for one year.

Internet marketing with a cube

You-cubez is speical website.This is a full review,that will show fact, advantages and disagrees:
Paying per cube: £0.015
Minimum cash out : £6.00 / Transter to A/C balance : £0.20 at least
Paypal and Alertpay.The default is alertpay, if you want cash out by paypal change in your profile.


1.Paying- The whole idea of ptc is getting paid in the end of the hard work, not be scammed.So this website pay on time and pretty fast on high profits(maximum 72 hours).Here a proof:

2.Unlimited Directed referrals- You-Cubez offers you unlimited limit directed referrals.You can easily blow up your profits,by directed referrals and You-cubez offers nice profit each click of your referral.
3.All countries accepted- That’s advantage proof us,that’s website don’t have any problem with Payment.
4.Live support- This advantage very rare in ptc sites.You-cubez support Live support,in a hours you will get a response for any question or problem that you have.
5.Innovating- New style of designed website and You-Cubez very attractive website.
6.Earn an advertising spot-You can pushcare a Cube for £1.00.By promoting your cube with cube funds,When your cube will be more active,you can sell your cube in higher price such – £5.00.Someone has sold a cube for £150.00! Complete offer, may be the best way to earn cash funds:
If you don’t have £1.00, you can click On cash cube.By cash cubes you will be able to earn your £1.00, then transfer them into £1.00 on A/C balance.


1.You-cubez doesn’t have a forum- Forum is very popular tool in PTC websites.By forum, you can post proofs,get help,learn tips and hints and even get helped by the forum visitors.As a replace, they have a blog:


    How does it really works?There’s 2 of profits : Cube funds and cash cube.
    Cash Funds:
    After you pushcared a Cube,Youll need Cube Funds.Cube funds is such a Traffic points(Credits),By them youll get clicks to your cube,and value up your cube.You can earn cube funds, by clicking on cubes in the main page of You-cubez.Every 80 clicks equal to £1.00 Cube funds and Every 100 clicks you will get £5.00 of Cube funds.The maximum clicks for standard user is 200 and For premium user is 500.
    You will distinguish that’s cube for sell.After they value up their website,they sell their cube for A/C balance.You can buy the cube for Advertising.As you seen, this is the most effective way in this site, to earn Money.I’ve sold my cube for £27.00!I’ve seen someone who sold hes cube for £350.00 !!!
    Here some tips that may help you to earn Cash Funds pretty Fast:
    Tips Standard Member Premium Member Premium Plus Member
    Visitors sent via your referral link* 50 = £1 Cube Funds 30 = £1 Cube Funds 20 = £1 Cube Funds
    15 = £1 Cube Funds 10 = £1 Cube Funds 5 = £1 Cube Funds
    Invites sent 15 = £1 Cube Funds 8 = £1 Cube Funds 5 = £1 Cube Funds
    Standard cubes clicked 80 = £1 Cube Funds 50 = £1 Cube Funds 30 = £1 Cube Funds
    Referral 1 = £1 Cube Funds 1 = £2 Cube Funds 1 = £2 Cube Funds
    Complete offers Varies Double Standard Double Standard
    Games Played 40 = £1.00 Cube Funds 20 = £1.00 Cube Funds 10 = £1.00 Cube Funds

    Cash cubes:
    By cash cube,You will earn Real cash.Cash cubes is in other words: PTC, but in very unique style.Cash cube has a gold coin at the right corner.There’s a special category for cash cubes which is shown on the home page.As a standard user you will be able to click at 8 Ads for a day,Premium user will be able to click 9 Ads for a day.

Things you should know about You-Cubez:

  • Earn £0.0015 each cash cube which clicked.
  • Earn £0.006 each click of referral level 1.
  • Earn £0.003 each clicker of referral level 2.
  • After you complected offers, it may take 24~72 hours to vaild your offer.
  • You must  login at least 14 time to Cashout your profits.
  • Earn up 20% from something which your referral level 1 pushcared.
  • Earn up 10% from something which your referral level 2 pushcared.
  • Site launched:  December 2007.

Click Here to register!

Apr 9 11

VinaClix Review


This site is usual site of PTC, not a scam and not a HOLY ptc site.Hes not holy because is stable just phew months,and he’s not scam because he pays.This is a full review about VinxClix:
Pay per Click 0.0005$~0.001$.
Minimum Cashout – First Cashout Paypal-0.02$, AlertPay- 1.00$ + 1% Fee.
Payment methods: Paypal and AlertPay.


1.Ptc site which paying – The whole idea of ptc is earn money and get paid from this.This website,Pay pretty fast for low profits, And maximum 48 hours for high profits.Here a test, which I made to check if the Site pays:

2.Unlimited directed referrals – One of his biggest advantages,his that Vinaclix offer you refer people without limit,that’s mean you can blow up your profits.
3.All countries is accepted-That mean’s, as a example , if any bux site block Chinese, so on this site – everyone can ENTER!
4.Forum- VinaClix has forum.By the forum you can, show payment proof,learn tips and hints about this sites, communicate with other people and even get help from people on the forum.
5.Instant Payments-Most of the PTC sites, pay after days and weeks!On VinaClix,you can get paid maximum at 48 HOURS!
6.Low minimum cashout- As you seen,you can by PayPal cash out at your first fee at 0.02$.It should take you about 3~4 days,reach to 0.02$.As example if you need phew cents immediately,this site will help you get those cents.


1.New Site- I don’t recommand you buy something expensive from this website such Upgrade your user.This is a new site,That just opened a phew months ago.You should buy or upgrade from STABLE website,or from our holy list.But if you want buy things,First test the site by get paid to click.
2.Slow Earner- This is an aurora site.So you would earn less then cents for each ad.Aurora doesn’t effective,if you don’t have referrals.But this doesn’t mean that aurora site is scam,PTC can be to.So don’t worry,just click and earn referrals and This Disagree will disapper!


Average earning without Referrals : 0.00700$
Average number of Ads: 7
Referrals earnings per click: 0.0005$.You must view at least 4 ads, to earn from  your referrals tommarow.
The site also support promote link,each Vaild of clicking in your promotion link – 0.00005$.
Minimum cash out: 0.02$ at First – 0.10$  at Second – 0.50$ at Third – 1$ at Fourth – 2$ At fifth
Script: Aurora
Site created:  September, 2010.                   Site launched at first: March 3, 2011

Registeriation link:

Or: Click here – TO REGISTER!

Apr 7 11

ClixSense Review

This website is from our HOLY list – Website which establish and continue establish at least for one year. 
 This is a review,about clixsense.The review includes what the website offers, advantages and disagrees:
    Pay per click: 0.001$~0.02$      
          Minimum cashout: $10.00
    PayMent Methods: PP&AP = 10$, CheckOut= 100$ 

           ClixSense-Registration link



1.Trusted Website – Clixsence, known as one of the most trusted sites of PTC.They won’t scam you and They paying and on The time.
2.ClixGrid- One of his biggest advantages is that a daily name which cold ClixGrid.There’s 600 squares and in one of them hide The Prize – 5.00$.After you clicked on one of the squares, It will submit you to another link that vaild your click.If you don’t win they will write you on the same page that you haven’t won.If you won another page will open and post your prize.
Iv’e won from this loto until today, Is 1$.
3.Stable Site- ClixSense has been working from 2007.This advantage improves that PTC website is faith.
4.No limit for Direct Referrals- Most of the PTC sites are have direct limit.On this website don’t have limit,That mean’s that you can earn a lot!
5.Forum – Many people don’t reletate to the forum.But this tool can be very necessary.By the forum you can communicate with other partners, learn new facts, tips, hints, deal and help.You can even see changes and update, which not anyone allow to see.
6.Fixed Cash Out- Minimum Cash out is 10$.Most of the PTC, has low cashout, but after your cashout it always increase.On ClixSense it won’t be.


1.Low Cerdits Ads- Most of the Ads have low credit for standard users.So before you will able to upgrade you should be active and click, always!Their a solution – download ClixSense toolbar,by the toolbar you will be able see if their new ads, updates etc…
Facts and information:
  •  Your daily earnings without referalls, will be 0.005$~0.01$.
  • Numbers of ads – 4.If you login to clixSense sometimes while day,Youll see more ads.
  • Referral Earnings: 0.0001$ ~ 0.005$.
  • The minimum cash to pay out:
2% + $0.25 up to $1.25
Weekly on Mondays
2.5% + $0.25 up to $4.25
Weekly on Mondays
United States, Canada, Mexico
Monthly on First Monday
Check (International)
Rest of the World
Monthly on First Monday

  * PayPal and AlertPay will not charge you more fees for receiving our payments. We pay their fees.
* Your bank may charge you fees to deposit our Checks. Please consult with your bank.
Click here to register- ClixSense


Apr 6 11

Tip – Principles of Attraction


This is , the most necessary tip for the PTC clicker.As clicker we need to Attract the person, for register to this PTC site.This tips is Complete turn on this Post I will Summarize , the subject.I recommend you,post in communities.

Before we post and get our referrals,We need convince the person to click on our link(promotion link).so before we post the link, we need write a attractive sentence, such: Get the most attractive affiliate in the world RIGHT NOW! and more…

So after we wrote any attractive sentence, We need to post our promotion link.I recommend you short the link to, attractive link such – earneasy-money4u ……

You can also present your promotion link in socials communities like facebook, twitter etc.

This is one of the most complected subjects,so sometimes I will post more Tips about the Principles of Attraction.

I hoped that tips helped you,


Apr 5 11

How does, PTC really work?


As a PTC clicker we should know,how does it works and why it is necessary tool?

The ptc invented, for TRAFFIC.People who have built new website,to be Estimated in any directory – your website should be traffic.So to get the traffic , The PTC websites sell Advertising in their website as clicks.Now that’s Our time – The PTC clicker.PTC website need traffic people.So they attract by offer for each Ads we click cash.

Here a small graph the will explain better the main idea:

website >>Buy Advertising For PTC website >> The PTC website >>PTC offers money for each of our click.

Millions of people are joining to this affiliate program, and getting Thousands of dollars – FROM PTC!

The next part of your learning is understanding how we really Inflate our Profits-Click here!

Apr 2 11




We can earn money,from click websites.It’s pretty nice, BUT THE PROFIT DOESN’T HIGH! so how can we increase our earning?By Referrals. So what are Actually referrals?Refferals are people whose have rented from your PROMOTION LINK.But their the biggest advantage – Referrals increase your earning!

By Referrals you can blow your earnings!But their’s a new question – How do we get Referrals?

1.Direct referrals – Referrals who have rented from your Promotion Link.In my page of tips – Youll learn in easy way how to Advertise your promotion link(You can enter to the post in the end of the article).

2.Rented referrals – This isn’t common way,but very effective.Those are unique referrals – You buy these referrals ,  and You’ll get the profit as the Refer.As a example, You can hire Rented referrals for 0.20$.The average ads which has in ClixSense it’s 7.So if you hire the Rented referrals for 30 days, you will get 0.008$*30 = 0.240$. 0.240$ -0.200 = 0.04$.By this simple Math – You earned 0.04$. In the is just theoretic way.Some of your Rented referrals , can have Premium so probably you’ll earn more than this example.Just imagine that you’ll buy 100 rented referrals – 4.00$ Minimum PROFIT!

As you seen, That’s shows why Referrals are important!But their’s one Disadvantage-what If your Referrals aren’t active?The only solution is – get a lot of referrals,The statistics says that 10% will be active at least for month(there a potential of luck of course).

This page may help you – by choosing the best PTC websites

Mar 30 11

how to identify scam PTC websites


One of the biggest, problems with this way is scamming PTC websites.There are a lot of risks in scamming PTC, such cracking to your other PTC websites user(If you use the same username and password) and the most scary thing-try crack to your PayPal user,You won’t get your cash,They would crazy you, for their interest which doesn’t worth the hard work.

So here some tips, how to identify scammed PTC websites:

1.Most of those scammed websites , offers you high binds for each ad.So check always the average binds for each click,that would be easier for you identify scammed PTC websites.

2.High binds payment from , you referral can be a handsome symbol that can to hint that web is scamming you.

3.Most of those scammed websites, offers to much ads to click(It’s usually relevant to standard user),So check always be your experience how much ads theirs usually in a stable PTC website.

4.Another symbols which harder to identify is the time of waiting for each PTC website.If the time of waiting is to quickly – Be aware, It can be scamming PTC website!(Not everyone of course).

5.You have upgrade to Premium user to cashout the cash which you were earn.

6.Check the reputation of the website in Alexa,Most of the stable and successful PTC website is mentioned their.

7.Search about the Monetary value of the PTC site.The stable PTC sites has high cashout , as a example NeoBux – until today more than 41 million dollars were cashed out!

8.Their’s not proof payments – Most of the website has , in forums or special category with pictures of proof payments.

9.Google it – search Review about this PTC website – By the review you can know if it is scamming website.

10.Here a scam list of untrusted websites(scamming….):

* – New in our scam list












B                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    *                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     *

clicksforshare (let us know when jj sells it, i am sure it won’t be long)


egyptianclicks.INFO, not the .com!!



property of







scamlist is property of:



S 2008 edition 2009 edition


property of






Copyrighted to

If you have found any scamming website which isn’t mentioned on the list, Send me a private message, and I would update the scam list.

Mar 29 11

Tips for the ‘PTC’ clicker


There are a lot of tricks and ways,to earn money from GPTC:

1.One of the most favor,tricks to get referrals is to exchange your referral site, in a exchange traffic site.As a example take one of the favorite sites which I use:


Click on the next link to register – .

This website has a very simple options,to traffic your website.The investment on this website is worth because,You can get an exchange traffic by the massive way – Enter to other people site and get 1 Credit.Each credit equal 1 visitor!Or you have the passive way – buy credits on very cheap price!

2.Be active in huge forum communities and post in your signature a registeration link to your referral link.Its doesnt worth like the first trick,But you can get referrals from this tricks 2!

3.Share to your friends and to your family your referral link.

4.Share in the social communities like FaceBook,twitter,mySpace, etc.

5.Get referrals from PPC,this is the most useful way,but on the other side its require money and knowledge about ‘PPC’,and how to sell your campigan to the vistor.